Thursday, 13 April 2017

Post Cystic-Acne Skin Update!!

I wanted to post a skin update to do some bragging about how my skin is doing!! (knocks on wood i'm not jinxing myself!)

Around May of 2015 I started getting SEVERE cystic acne. They were so deep, and big it hurt to lay on my side to sleep. No matter what I did I couldn't get them to heal and go away.

So I finally gave up. And went to my family doctor, and got a referral to a dermatologist.

She put me on Tactupump Forte. A topical anti acne gel. And I can say with truth. I only break out when I'm on my cycle now!! And even then, it'll be like one deep cystic spot and that's it!!

My skin in July 2016:

This was after the cystic acne had healed, but as you can see, with my lighter skin. I was left with a TON of good ol' acne scarring!

My skin March 2017:

As you can see, Now my skin is CLEAR, EVEN, and pretty much, SCAR FREE!

I have not a stich of makeup on in all of these photos.

I have to credit my Tactupump Forte, and Paula's Choice for my clear skin!!!

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