Monday, 17 April 2017

Sephora Brand Single Eyeshadows Review

Hello all!! Today we're going to talk about my three (I actually own four, but I own two of the same shade :P ) Sephora Brand Colorful Eyeshadows!

I own three like I said,

Swan Song, a pale, matte baby pink.
Buttered Popcorn, a shimmery barely yellow off white.
Hidden Treasure a metallic, glittery olive green.

Swan Song, is one of the BEST matte's I'v ever used, it's up there with ABH's mattes for me!! I use this to set my eye primer, to highlight my brow, and if i'v taken my crease shade too high I use this to buff it out!

Hidden Treasure is a touch dry, and doesn't work well with a lid brush. I'v found the best way to use this stunner of a shade is to swirl my finger through the pan, and then pat it firmly onto my mobile lids! This way I get no fall out, and it stays put all day!

Buttered Popcorn is a very pretty lid shade, and inner corner shade! It has no fall out. And is soft!! It's slightly dry like Hidden Treasure. But It's workable in my opinion! I also adore this as a cheek highlight!

Price: $13 regular price, $7 on sale.

Pros: Easy to blend out, Lasts all day over primer, true to pan.

Cons: Slightly dry textured, SLIGHTLY difficult to work with.

Overall: 8/10

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