Monday, 3 April 2017

Annabelle's Blush Review

Hey friends!!

We're talking about awesome Canadian brands again today!!

Specifically Annabelle's blushes!

I own three of them. But I can only find one right now, (I'm moving my bedroom around, and reorganizing my makeup set up!!)

I own one Satiny Light pink, one lightly shimmery peachy shade, and then the one i'm showing today! A shimmery cranberry!

I love these blushes so much, they last all day on my oily skin, I can reapply powder overtop of them without them getting patchy and muted looking. And they blend out super easily, even the satin one!

You can see, this particular blush, doesn't sheer out super super easily. So I suggest a lighter hand then you think for applying this!! I'm able to buff it out, and pick up product super easily though.

Amount: 3G

Price: $7.95

Overall: 7/10

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