Sunday, 2 April 2017

March Faves of the month!

Hey all!! I'm here to share with you my monthly faves for March!!

March was full of skin care, and lots of testing of products for me!! How was your March?

Here's an overview of my favourites:

First up, I'v been LIVING for my "Custom made crease shadow" quad. I took an old MAC empty Quad, and I put clockwise from top left: Colourpop Bel Air, Coastal Scents Barista, Coastal Scents Deep Cider, and MAC Embark! I like to use Bel Air as a transition, Barista and Deep Cider as crease shades, and Embark to deepen the outer V! With this, I just need to choose a single lid shade and I'm good to go!

Am I predictable or WHAT? Yes. I'm STILL digging my Modern Renaissance palette. I even hit pan on Tempera!! I'm still discovering new looks with this, and I'm still very much so happy with this purchase!

I'v been craving warm, sunshine, so I'v been rocking NARS Deep throat a LOT. It's a sheeny warm pink, that I have hit pan on. It's so blendable, smooth and not chalky!

I'v been wearing a lot of highlight too!! I purchased Essence Pure Nude Highlight this month, thanks to Christine @Temptalia. And I'm in LOVE.

I'v also been rocking a lot of blue and green glittery dramatic highlights!! I personally believe any age of women should be able to wear whatever they want, makeup wise. But I figured, Hell, I'm 20 I can rock a glittery green highlight!

I was given a VERY generous sample of Urban Decays Optical Illusion primer when I visited the Urban Decay store at Square One in Toronto, And it's pretty darn great!! It's thick, and creamy. And makes my makeup last all day no problem!

I finished my MAC Waterproof Brow Set, and didn't have enough money to spend $21 and get a new one, so I picked up Essence Make me Brow in the deepest shade. And boy, is my love for this thing rekindled!!!

I also tried out Essence Lash Princess this month, and at first I hated it. It clumped EVERY lash into one uni-lash. And got all over my eyelids. It was rough! But a week in, I started to love it!! It gives me SUPER dramatic lashes in one to two coats, when I usually need 3 to 4 coats!!

I'm also ADORING NYX's Dark Circle Corrector in medium. It's sheerer than i'd prefer, but It's pretty bomb at fixing and correcting the darkness under my eyes and in my inner corners!

Not pictured:

I also have been using Clinique's Repairwear Laser Focus "Wrinkle correcting" Eye Cream twice a day, for the past 3 weeks. and BOY are my under eyes thanking me!! I have not fine lines, (I'm 20 for goodness sake!) but my dermatologist calls them, "dehydration lines" under my eyes, and that makes all of my concealers crease instantly. This sinks in, but not too quickly too the point I feel like why bother. But I can still put foundation and concealer over top! My under eyes feel so soft to the touch because of this eye cream!!

Cleansing water!! I'v been using cleansing water to refresh my face, remove last nights skincare, and excess sebum in the morning every morning this month. And my skin is feeling soft! Softer compared to me washing my face every morning anyway!!

What are your favourites for the month of March?

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