Friday, 21 April 2017

Colourpop Ultra-Matte, Ultra-Satin, Ultra-Glossy, Lippie Stix, And Lippie Pencil Collection, Swatches, and Review

Phew! Longest title award goes to this post!!

Hey all!! Today we're going to go over my Colourpop Lip collection!!

I am missing two or three here from my collection. But I couldn't find them no matter where I looked!!

From left to right:

Lumiere 2
Too Lips
More Better
Lyin' King
London fog

Lumiere 2, Stingraye, Tulle, Too Lips, Mars, More Better.

Lyin' King, London Fog, Sookie, Zipper, Panda.

Sookie, Zipper, Panda, Drop Out, LAX, Prim.

Jonesing, Tiger, LBB, Bossy.

The ultra matte formula is slightly drying, I def need to pop on some lip balm at the end of the day with these. But they aren't as drying as everyone else says they are for me. But again, I don't have severely dry lips!! They last okay. But they wear down no matter what I eat in the center of my bottom lip. 90% of them are transfer proof. I do own a mix of the original released shades, and the reformulated shades!

The ultra glossy lip formula is glossy, shiny, non sticky, not thick, and light! Literally my ideal lip gloss formula! I'm not a huge gloss fan. As my hair is so long and thick, and I live in a very windy climate. But these are stunning! The only qualm I have, is they aren't moisturizing on me. I usually wear lip gloss when my lips are at their driest. But at least these aren't drying!!

The ultra Satin formula is my favourite! It's a liquid lipstick that dries down, but not fully matte. it dries to a satiny finish, that doesn't slip and slide around. But does transfer! It's not drying at all on me. And lasts longer than the ulra matte formula, as it fades gracefully.

The lippy stix formula is overall pretty darn great! I have one cream, one matte, and one sheer. And they're all long lasting, except for the sheer one. But the sheer one stains my lips. They have a slightly plastic-y scent and flavor. And are not drying!

The lippy pencil formula is amazing! I only own one, but will be picking up more soon!! It's super creamy. but is AMAZINGLY long lasting. I love to layer bossy underneath london fog, and it lasts HOURS upon HOURS for me!!


$6 American for the ultra matte, ultra glossy, and ultra satins.
$5 American for the Lippy stixs, and the lippy pencils.


Ultra matte: 6/10

Ultra satin: 10/10

Ultra glossy: 8/10

Lippy sitx: 9/10

Lippy pencil: 10/10

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