Friday, 17 February 2017

Colourpop Highlighter Review/Swatches

Good afternoon friends! Today we're looking at Colourpop's highlighers!

I have 5 of them, and out of the 5, there's 3 different finishes/levels of shimmer/glow.

Colourpop has lots of different shades and tones of highlights. I really do appreciate them having deeper highlights!!

I have in left to right from the top picture: Honeymoon, Lunch Money, Perilune, School is Fun, and Flexitarian.

I took some ~artsy~ shots to show what the shades really look like!!

From top to bottom we have swatched:

Perilune - This is a sparkly, light green highlight.
Honeymoon - This one is a iridescent blue sparkly highlight.
School Is Fun - This is one of my favourite shades of highlight. It's a Yellow Gold shimmer.
Flexitarian - This one is hard to describe, it's a light champagney Beige? It's a metallic shade.
Lunch Money - This is a light warm white-ish shade. It's the least shimmery.

Close up's to show the finish's of them. As you can see, the two "odd" coloured one's, Perilune and Honeymoon are very glittery/sparkly with a sheer base.

The rest have a more opaque base, but differing levels of shine!

The formula, if you haven't used colourpop before, is very creamy, and soft. Their Highlighters almost feel wet to the touch, in my opinion.

I wear full coverage foundation every day, and I'v found if I pat them onto my cheek bones, it moves the foundation under it. and makes my base look patchy. So I think the best way to apply these with a full coverage base is to pat it on with your fingers, then take a synthetic brush and buff it out! This makes the product disturb the base the least for me!

Price: $8
Pros: Differing levels of shimmer, LOTS of shades, Dark skin friendly shades, Easy to apply on the run.
Cons: Can mess up base if you're not careful, Can make base patchy, they MAY sink into pores.
Overall: 8.5/10

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