Monday, 27 February 2017

L'oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation (304) Review

Ello!! Today we're doing a foundation review!!

I am currently, a MAC NC20 as i'm at my lightest. This shade is off. it is light enough, but it's pretty darn pink. I'm going to be purchasing the next shade up, because it swatches more yellow!!

This is my skin, primed and ready for foundation! I took these at 6am, while I was applying my foundation.

My biggest concerns with my skin are: Redness in my cheeks (here I have green primer on!) my undereyes and covering up my dark, dark, acne scarring on my cheeks!

This foundation is High Medium, to Light full coverage. I'm SUPER impressed with this formula.
I have oily skin, and this keeps me matte the longest. I DO have to blot, and I am oily by midnight when I remove my makeup, but I'm a oily gal, Im used to blotting and powdering.


This is JUST the foundation, I applied it all over, and did a layer and a half on my cheeks. But see how my undereyes are way more concealed, my skin looks even, and matte, My acne scarring is pretty darn covered. It's just slightly peeking out!

Here is my skin/face with concealer, powder, and blush on. I think it looks amazing!! And very flawless!!

I did this wear test for y'all yesterday, But I came home at 3am, a little under the influence
(I am in Canada. And here I am legal drinking age. Just to let any American readers know this, before you all worry LOL)
And when I got home I just took a makeup wipe, and wiped it off and then did my skin care routine.

But, It was totally worn off on my nose, and my inner cheeks. It looks splotchy? and like my pores were more visible which I think Is weird, because I have very non prominent pores.

Price: $24 at shoppers drug mart, and $16.99 at Walmart.
Pros: Great coverage! Very easy to spread and blend out. Keeps me matte!
Cons: Once my oils mix with the foundation on my nose, it just wipes/transfers off. No matter now much I apply powder and setting spray. This happens every time. Shade range is very pink toned. (Which could be a pro for some!)
Overal: 7.5/10

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