Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Monthly Favorites - February 2017

Hello!!! I want to try and do a quick favourites post each month, just to let you all know exactly what I'm reaching for, and what I'm using the most each month. I can't say if i'll get a favourites up EVERY month. But I'm going to try! :P

Let's start!

As you all know if you've checked my blog even once, this month I got the Modern Renaissance palette! And I'v worn it almost every single day since I got it on the 13th!!! The shadows are buttery, creamy, slightly powdery, but very pigmented!! I love that I can get multiple looks out of this one palette!

I picked up LUSH's Rosy Cheeks on the 11th (my birthday!) as a gift to myself, and I finished it last night! It's a lovely mask! Dare I say, my new favourite mask from lush? It's a clay based one, that dries down in about 10 minutes, but it's not SO dry my easily dehydrated skin felt tight and sore after. It actually felt TOTALLY different. My skin was bright, and soft after I rinsed this mask off!!

I was given BITE Beetroot for my birthday as well, And I'v worn it quite a bit this month!! It's a super creamy, moisturizing, soft, dark berry lipstick. I loves it!! I actually am really preferring the Amuse Bouch formula over the DC Luminous Creme formula! The Amuse Bouche formula seems to last longer, and it almost feels like it SETS. Very much so love!

NARS Sin, I got for christmas, And boy has this bad boy gotten some love!! It's a BEAUTIFUL Berry shade with golden shimmer ontop! It's super easy to blend, and it lasts all day on me! Perfect!

Tarte Birthday Suit Creamy matte lip paint, and I didn't get along at first!! In fact I thought it was grainy, and chalky looking on me. Turns out, I just needed to mix it, and wear the right eye/cheek look with it!! It feels comfortable, and lasts pretty darn well!!

Clinique High Impact Mascara and I are having a love affair right now!! I love the brush, it's thin, Nothing pisses me off more than a mascara brush that's bigger than my whole eye!!! It's a wet formula, and it gives me LASHES. I get the drama, and length I crave with this!!

I picked up this foundation as soon as it showed up in my local walmart!! (I was very interested, but sure as HELL was NOT paying $24.99 for it at shoppers!!!) And it was love at first application. This helps me touch up less, and it wears ALL day. I use less concealer with this. And overall it's love!! The only thing I don't like, is it's VERY pink. So I have to blend it down my neck/chest depending on my sweater/shirt. But that's my fault, as I'm pretty sure I'm actually the shade UP 305 which has a stronger yellow undertone!!

That's all for this month!! What were your favourites this month?

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