Thursday, 16 February 2017

Modern Renaissance Palette Quick Swatches, First Impressions, and Tutorial!

Hello, hello, hello!!

My birthday was the 11th, a few days ago, and as a gift, I was allowed to order this palette, and it came in the mail today!!

So here's some quick swatches on my skin, Some quick first impressions on the formula, and a quick tutorial I did the first time I used this palette!

So far, I'v swatched, and touched every shade, and I'v used seven out of fourteen in a look (the one below) and the formula is creamy, soft, and delicious. The two metallics/shimmers, are dense, and SO creamy. The matte's are a touch clumpy if you pick up too much, and can be very powdery!!

I'm really digging this formula though! we shall see how long it lasts on my oily hooded lids!

(It also passes the "shannon test" and I can JUST use this palette to do a whole look. AKA It has a matte cream/shade lighter than my skintone, a matte warm brown, and a matte deep brown!)

For this look, I started off with ELF sheer eyelid primer from lash line to brow bone, then I set that primer with Tempera (Matte white/cream), I took a fluffy blending brush and ran Raw Sienna (Matte orangey light tan shade) in the crease to start building it up, then I took a pencil brush and some of Red Ocher (Matte burnt red) and I ran that through the crease, but not as high as I took Raw Sienna. I took my 217 and buffed that out, then I picked up some of Antique Bronze (Satiny deep bronze) and I patted that onto my outer corners. I started by putting it onto the outer corner of my mobile lid and I blended it up onto my hood. I took a dense lid brush, and I patted Primavera (Highly shimmery yellowy gold) onto my inner 3/4 of my mobile lids, And up onto my hood a little bit in the inner corners. I blended the two lid shades where they met in the middle. Then I took a small stiff pencil brush and I packed and smoked out my lower lashline wtih Love Letter (Matte raspberry) I then took Vermeer (Highly shimmery cream coloured shade) and highlighted my brow bones, and inner corners. I then added mascara, and winged liner. And I decided to add some more of Love Letter ONTOP of Antique Bronze on my outer corners, so I took the fluffy end of the brush that came with the palette and I patted and lightly blended that!!

And that's it!! It looks like I spent SO much time layering, and blending. When in fact it took me like 10 minutes to do this!!

I'll be doing more looks with this palette in the upcoming while!! :)

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