Monday, 20 February 2017

Yet ANOTHER Modern Renaissance FOTD / Purpley/Mauve FOTD.

Hello all!! Happy family day!! My family is spending the day together just chilling and watching tv together!!

I was itching for a purpley eye look, so here we are!

I started out with my skin care, I washed my face using a creamy non lathering cleanser. Then patted ELF Nourishing Night Cream onto my whole face (I'm testing this currently! It was sent to me by elf the other day, and there will be a post about it soon!) then I patted a bit of Origins Ginseng Eye Creme under my eyes. Once that had sunk into my skin and wasn't tacky to the touch, I massaged Paula's Choice Extra Care Non Greasy SPF50 Sunblock into my face and chest. That's all I have on my face/skin in this photo!

Base: I applied my primer cocktail I mixed up the other day and patted that into my skin. I then took a paddle brush and two pumps of ELF Flawless Finish Foundation and I patted that into my skin. After I blended that into my skin with the brush, I took my freshly washed fingers and further melted that into my skin! I took my clean finger and patted a creamy orange corrector from my MUFE Conceal and Correct palette and worked that under my eyes! I'v been using Kat Von D's lock it Foundation as my under eye concealer lately, I got a generous sample of L42 I THINK is the shade, It's a shade and a half lighter than my skin tone! I patted that under my eyes. Then I took a fluffy brush and I patted MAC Set powder into my skin, making sure everything is locked into place and set! I took a smaller fluffy brush and patted MAC Blot powder under my eyes, my apples of my cheeks/inner cheeks, my whole nose, and  my forehead, to control oil.

Cheeks: I wasn't sure what lip product I was going to use yet at this point. So I went with a shimmery warm bronze shade on the cheeks, patting it onto the apples and blending up! I took a fan brush and lightly blended MUFE ME512 along my cheek bones/apples of my cheeks, and the tip of my nose!



I couldn't get any good lighting for the eye shots (The sun sets around 4pm in my part of the world!!) So I apologize DEEPLY!!

Eyes: I started with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and patted that from lashline to brow bone, To set and lock the primer into place I Patted Tempera (matte light whitey shade) from lashline to brow bone. I took a big fluffy crease brush and ran Warm Taupe (Cool ?taupey shade) into my crease and up onto my hood, After that I took the same fluffy crease brush and ran Buon Fresco on top of that. I took my 217 and buffed those two shades together to make a nice mauvey purpley warm shade. I picked my favourite purple cream shadow base, ELF Smudge pot in Wine Not (Creamy winey purple with a silvery sheen/shimmer) and patted that all over my mobile lids. Before It set, I took my 217 and buffed it up into the crease, and got rid of any harsh line! I took Crush (Glittery browny taupe!) from the Tartelette Tease palette and patted that on top of the cream base, and it turned into a super shiny, metallic, dewy lid! Once my lids were done, I took a slightly smaller crease brush and dipped into Antique Bronze (Lightly shimmery Bronze shade) and darkened up my outer corners, I really patted Antique Bronze onto my outer corner of my mobile lids to add depth!! I took a pencil brush, and ran Buon Fresco Along my whole lower lashline, then dipped into antique bronze and added that to JUST the outer parts of my lower lashline! Then I applied a light coat of mascara (Really just to straighten the curl of my natural lashes, and to slightly darken them) to my upper lashes, then I applied my favourite pair of falsies, and did two layers mascara to my bottom lashes. For the finishing touches, I applied warm brown liner to my waterlines, highlighted my inner corners and brow bones with Vermeer (shimmery pinky white) 

Brows: I combed my brows with a spoolie to get rid of any foundation in them, then I took a angled eye liner brush and lined the bottom of my brows, then slowly filled in from bottom to top. Lastly I combed through them with my MAC Waterproof brow set to lock them into place!!

Lips: I applied lip balm at the start when doing my skin care, and whatever was left at this point I just patted into my lips, then decided on BITE Beauty's Luminous Creme Lipstick in Mulberry, and I free handed that onto my lips straight from the bullet!

And that's it, for today's look!! 

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