Tuesday, 14 February 2017

My Valentines Day Outfit, and Makeup!

Hello friends!!

You all wont know this about me, but I'm SUCH a sappy person, I love, love! And I love seeing couples out in public holding hands, and smiling etc. I also love to show my love for my own loved ones!! So I adore valentines day!!

I'm getting together with a few friends tonight, and we're going to drink cheap wine and eat some pizza and celebrate our friendship!


This is the outfit I chose for today, even though it's currently in the negative here, I wanted to look cute! So I chose one of my father's soft, old, black shirts. A high wasted black pencil skirt, and a burgundy button up blouse. I'll be wearing brown leather booties with this outfit!


Base: I primed with a mattifying primer, then I used a tiny bit of my make up for ever orange corrector from my concealer palette from them and patted that in my inner corner of my eyes. I then took Kat Von D lock it concealer creme and dotted that under my eyes and a swipe on each cheek. I then took a buffing brush and blended that out, I took a big fluffy brush and patted MAC loose set powder all over my face to set my makeup, and then I took some MAC Blot powder and patted that onto my oily areas (tip of my nose, nose bridge, inner cheeks, chin, and whole forehead) I then spritzed some of ELF mist and fix to soak up some of the extra powder!

Cheeks: I took Clinique Cola pop on a duo fiber blush brush, and applied a tiny bit more than usual, to give myself a nice flushed look, I then took a angled blush brush and contoured along the lower sides of my cheek bones to lift them. I buffed Sephora Brand Microsmooth Baked Luminizor in 01 star dust (my holy grail highlight!) along my cheek bones, and very very lightly on the tip of my nose!

Brows: I wanted my brows to be fluffy and slightly more defined than usual. So I REALLY took my time today and filled them in. I took a small angled brush and ran brow powder along the bottom of my brows, starting in the inner corner. And then slowly built up the colour in any "sparse" spots. I took MAC waterproof brow set in Brown Ebony and combed that through them, and made sure the front of my brows were standing up and everything was in place!

Lips: I exfoliated my lips with ELF lip exfoliator in clear, then while I was doing my base and brows, I let some shea butter soak into them. When I got to my lips, I patted off the excess lip balm, and took Colourpop lip liner in Bossy (a cool bright red) and lined my lips, being careful not to go out of the lines, and then proceeded to fill in my whole lips with the lip liner! I pulled out my OCC Lip Tar in NSFW (a cool medium red), I remember this being a big deeper and that was what I wanted. But I decided to stick with this. With the cap still twisted closed, I shook and rolled the lip tar around in ym hands, then took a lip brush and squeezed out a tiny dot and did my lips in quarters. I took a TINY amount of concealer on a lip brush and evened it up a bit as well!!

Eyes: This was pretty basic. I didn't really know what I wanted to do exactly, so I just kept piling on glittery shadows until I got to this look! I started with primed lids (I used ELF sheer eye lid primer) and then set the primer with Tarte Whisper (a matte shade lighter than my skin tone) I took Tarte First Kiss (a satiny plummy purple) on a crease brush and really buffed and blew that out in the crease. I wanted a slightly messy look. I picked up a smaller crease brush, and ran some of Tarte Heartbreaker (matte cool deep brown) on the outer edges of my eyes and some in the inner edge as well! I picked up my MAC 217 and went HAM blending that out so it was a purpley plummy brown smokey look in the crease. I then applied a tiny amount of ELF smudge pot in Brownie Points (a metallic dark warm brown cream shadow) onto my outer corner of my mobile lids, and blended the upper edge before it dried/set. I then took some of Colourpop's Nillionaire (warm bronze with red glitter) and patted that onto the inner half of my mobile lids. I patted Colourpop Paisley (a sheer pressed glitter!) onto my inner corners. I took a matte purple and ran that along my lower lashline. To clean up my brow bone, I took the same base shade, Tarte Whisper, and I ran that along my brow bones, and above my crease to clean things up! I applied three coats of mascara, lined my waterlines with a warm brown liner. Then to REALLY go OTT, I took a rainbow clear glitter gel and patted that onto my inner half of my mobile lids!!

And I THINK that's it!! It looks like a LOT, but honestly, it took 30 minutes at most, and that's because I kept going back and adding more and more ahahah!!

Happy Valentines day, loves!!

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