Saturday, 25 February 2017

MAC Waterproof Brow Set (Brown Ebony) Review


I figured, I mention this product enough it deserves a review!

I really do love this brow gel. It beats my old faithful Essence brow gel out of the WATER.!!

This keeps my brows in place, I like to brush the front of my brows, up straight, and on my right brow, the hair grows down in the middle of it (but it doesn't grow this way on my left? weird ammiright?) And this keeps the hairs exactly where I want them to be!

I also, don't follow the "brow rules" as this is the darkest shade MAC offers, and I think it's PERFECT. I don't do the "brunettes go a shade lighter on their brows" rule. I match to my brow hair. And I personally like the look of my brows!! 

This is the packaging, wand, and swatches. 

The wand is PERFECTION in my opinion. I have very large,  full, and dark brows (thank's Daddy!!) and the wand is tiny enough I can get it right in there and coat my hairs. 

This stuff is pigmented too!! I already have "great" brows so most days, my brow routine is just swiping this through them, to tint them. And i'm good to go. 

I am wearing JUST the brow gel in the top photo, you can see how it tints my brow hairs, and has them nice and fluffy!

In the bottom photo, I took a brow powder and filled in the front and the tail, then applied this brow gel to the whole thing!

Price: $24 (?)
Pros: Super quick, and easy. Very beginner friendly. Perfect colour match for me. They have lighter shades as well!! 
Cons: Will ONLY work for people with brows like myself, who already have thick and full brows. If you have very sparse and thin brows, this wont be the only thing you would use in the morning. 
Overall: 9.5/10


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    1. That's the best compliment I think i'v ever gotten, LOL. Thank you SO SO much!! I hope my blog continues to give you enjoyment!