Monday, 20 February 2017

My experience with ELF Cosmetic's Customer Service

Hey all!!

Today I wanted to share my experience with ELF's customer service!

I placed an order with ELF cosmetics on December 28th 2016

By January 13th 2017, I had NOT received a shipping conformation email yet.

January 14th 2017, I sent their customer service an email, and I sent in my order number. And asked if I should make a dispute with paypal, to get my money back.

January 14th 2017, the same day I received an email back, and they explained how sorry they were, and that they were swamped from their Boxing Day sale, and that they will ship my order ASAP.

January 15th 2017, I get the shipping conformation email from ELF! They ALSO sent me a email explaining that they were very sorry, and they were going to ship my $35 order to me, and give me a FULL REFUND. And I DID receive my full money back on my paypal account!

January 22nd 2017 My order shows up in my mailbox, and I excitedly ripped open my box, and it was full of stuff I didn't order. Because they took so long to ship it, they had run out of most of the items I ordered. It bothered my a SMIDGE. But I was very impressed that they replaced the stuff that was out of stock.

February 20th 2017, It's a STAT Holiday, here in Canada. But I went to answer my front door, and there was a package sitting there for me! I open it up, and it's a Box with ELF's Nourishing Night Cream, and a note saying how sorry ELF Cosmetics is that my order was so late, and that they care about their customers and want to make sure we are all happy!

I am VERY VERY impressed with how ELF handled this! They were professional the whole time, they answered my emails the same day, I wasn't at ALL expecting to receive this night cream for free, nor was I expecting my order to be fully refunded!!

I understand some other bloggers have had not as amazing service. This is just my personal experience, that I wanted to share with you all!

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