Monday, 13 February 2017

Custom MAC Quad Swatches/Review

Hello!! Today we're going to look at my custom MAC Quad.

I like this quad because, I can just pop this into my bag and get two, or three different looks out of this one quad. So it's amazing for traveling for me!!

Clockwise in the packaging: Mulch, Embark, Woodwinked, Nylon.

Left to right from the swatches on my arm:
Nylon - Super shimmery white, Very soft and creamy, and highly pigmented.
Woodwinked - Shimmery golden brown. Soft, and light powdery. But pigmented and easy to use.
Embark - Matte reddish brown. It's stiff, and dry in the pan, but not as bad as my pan of Mulch.
Mulch - Lightly shimmery warm brown, My pan of it is very HARD and STIFF. this swatch is about 4 or 5 layers.

Looks I like to do with this Quad:

Mulch in the crease. Nylon on the Lid, Embark to deepen the outer corners, Woodwinked on lower lashline.

Mulch on the lid and crease, Embark on the outer half of my mobile lid, Woodwinked patted onto the middle of my lids, and Nylon to highlight.

Woodwinked on the lids, Mulch in the crease, Embark on my lower lashline, Nylon to highlight.

Overal: MAC shadows are hit and miss for me. My shadows from YEARS ago are all soft and powdery and lovely. But my newest ones (Humid, Mulch, Embark) are SO stiff, and dry.

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