Saturday, 18 February 2017

My Favourite "Neutral" Lipsticks for my skin tone!


Today we're talking about something that I never talk about on here, simply because my heart lies with bold, vibrant, lipsticks. Never "nude" lipsticks!

I do not believe in the "one nude fit's all" mentality. The fairest of the fair's perfect nude would totally wash out and make the richest, deepest skin tone look tired!

My neck is about a NC25, but I prefer to go a tinge lighter in my foundation, so I'm currently wearing NC20 with a small amount of NC25 (or another foundation around that shade) mixed in! I have very prominent WARM/YELLOW undertones, and I prefer Mauvey/Berry nudes on myself. I do not like peachy nude lipsticks on me AT ALL.

This is my "small" collection of "neutral" lipsticks!

I swatched them in the same order I have the lipsticks lined up in, so from left to right we have:

Buxom Sinful Cinnamon - Matte finish, creamy
Buxom Sultry Mauve - Satin/Cream finish, very smooth and creamy.
Clinique Chubby stick Richer Raisin - Sheer, Moisturizing, doesn't show off flakes
MAC Twig - Satin finish, Lasts well.
Kat Von D Lovecraft - Matte finish, feels kinda silicon-y in a good way?
Revlon Rose Velvet - Cream finish, creamy!!
Buxom Dolly - Smells like caramel, non sticky, lightly tingly.

I'll use a mix and match of these for whenever I feel like I need a more neutral lip! I personally believe in wearing what YOU want, and what makes YOU feel comfortable. So for me, I'll wear a bright lip 6 days out of 7. I'll usually only wear nude lips in very conservative places, when i'm with my father's family, or when I'm in school/class!

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