Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Make Up For Ever (N1) Camouflage Cream Pallet Review

Hello friends!!

Today we're talking concealer! Specifically MUFE's concealer and corrector pallet, in the lightest shade!

I have good skin, I don't need foundation EVERY day. And most days, I use this palette and even out my skin and cover things that way!!

I'm VERY big on concealer, I like full coverage foundation, yes. But It still never covers my dark under eyes enough, nor does it cover my acne scarring on my cheeks fully. (Name a popular full coverage foundation, I'v most likely tried it, and it didn't cover how I wanted!)

But that doesn't bother me, I'm more of a thin, even, layer of foundation and then going back over and spot concealing kind of gal anyway!

I have the lightest shade in the line. And as you can see by the dips in them, I use the last three (the yellowy concealer, the orange corrector, and the minty green) the most!

I love this pallet, it is one of the BEST makeup investments I'v ever made.

On lazy days, I'll pat the minty green all over my cheeks, between my brows, and on any blemishes. I'll then dip into the orangey shade and pat that under my eyes, focusing it where i'm darkest, like my inner corners. I'll then pat loose powder all over to set the colour correctors, then I'll go in with the darkest concealer and swipe that onto my cheeks, forhead, nose, and chin and blend out. I'll take the second lightest concealer and use that under my eyes!!

Every cream in this palette is smooth, creamy, and blends like a dream. I was expecting them to feel like that MAC concealer in the pot? But these are so much easier to blend into the skin, and they are so much creamier and softer. Not creamy to the point of creasing intensely though!

Price: $49
Pros: It comes in 5 different shades, creamy, covers well, lasts all day.
Cons: Pricey! But worth it for myself.
Overal: 10/10

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